Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kelly & Dave's Wedding Part 1

Kelly and Dave got married on Earth Day (April 22, 2012) on the BEAUTIFUL Sanibel Island, FL.  I've been all over the state of Florida, and this by far was my favorite Florida location.  There really was an "island feel" while being there.  We weren't just at the beach...we were on an island.  The locals were friendly, the restaurants were great, and the wedding guests were awesome!  

Before I dive into the wedding details, I first must give out a shout out to my sister-in-law, Rachel Garrison.  Lucky me, Rachel traveled and shot this wedding with me!  We travel and work well together, it's fun spending time with her, and she's an awesome photographer.   We ate fish and key lime pie for 6 straight meals (not including breakfast).  Oh my goodness was there some good key lime pie in Sanibel!

The wedding guests stayed at Sanibel Moorings Condominiums.  Dave, the groom, has a family condo there, and he grew up spending his summers on this beach.  How awesome would that be?! 

Rachel and I enjoyed our condo at Sanibel Moorings as well (photo on left below is by Rachel).  The grounds were spectacularly beautiful!  The condos were sandwiched by the ocean and an inlet.   Our condo has a nice view of the docks.  It was very peaceful.

Now onto wedding details :)

Kelly was a beautiful and confident bride, and I really enjoyed the time we had before the wedding to focus on some images of just her.  I must say her make-up and hair team were fantastic.  They had plan, and knew how to stick to a time frame!  It was awesome!  And Kelly's make-up was awesome!

Here are some details of the church.  It was beautiful inside.  The ceiling resembled a ship, and the light pouring in the windows was so nice!

So that's all that I will post for now.  I know there will definitely be another Kelly & Dave wedding post (or two) : )

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured on rusticweddingchic.com!

My work has been featured on the RusticWeddingChic Blog thanks to my bride, Elizabeth O'Quinn!   Head on over to Maggie Lord's wedding website for some awesome inspiration for your wedding or for any fun event you may be planning.  She has lots of beautiful images on her blog, and I particularly enjoyed browsing her DIY section.

Also, here is a peek of what's coming next....Kelly & Dave's wedding in Sanibel, Florida!