Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wedding of EQ & Jason

Finally, a new blog post!  And it's a big one!  Yay!  If you're new to the blog, I'll fill you in quickly.  Elizabeth and Jason are both Wofford graduates (woohoo, go terriers!).  They hosted a great wedding weekend celebration in Black Mountain, NC.  

Let's get started with the dress!  EQ wore her mother's wedding dress!  She had the lace at the top reconstructed for a new, modern look.  The cameo necklace and pins belonged to her grandmother and were a part of her bouquet.  

 The Groom, getting ready for some pictures.

The groomsmen checking to make sure ties and boutonnieres are looking okay.  I thought it was a funny picture.

I like the classic, clean look of the khaki suits and white shirts with a pop of color from the tie.  Great choice!

Onto the girls :)

Hello filtered and beautiful sunlight - AND beautiful bridal party!

The bridesmaids all wore LuluKate, and they were all different!  I like the subtle differences in all of the dresses, and I'm sure the bridesmaids liked having the option to make their dress more individualized.

 I love mother, daughter pictures : )  I know, I know, I could say "I love....[fill in the blank with anything related to a wedding].  Since my mom and I have such a special friendship, I love being able to capture a moment between the bride and mom before the ceremony.

And I couldn't leave out the sister photo.

 So the girls got ready in a house close to the ceremony location.  You could see guests arrive from this great living room window.  I went back to the house about 15 minutes before the ceremony to check on the girls, and I caught this sweet moment.  The mother of the groom, Kim, was watching the guests arrive and enjoying these last few moments before her son got married.

Here's the groom with his mom and son, right before the ceremony started.

The weather was great during the outdoor ceremony.  There were some dark clouds that would quickly pass, and I love the dramatic feel of the sunlight beaming down in this photo but you can see the dark clouds in the background (and her flowing dress helps with the dramatic feel as well).  Really it was just a partly cloudy afternoon, I never thought we were going to get rain during the ceremony (thank goodness!).  

Here are some of the ceremony details.  Check out those cute reserved seating tags on the chairs!  Yes, EQ even made signs for her mom and dad.  

EQ and her dad enjoyed a few last moments before walking down the aisle.  My second shooter, Stephanie Holley, provided some great shots of Jason as Elizabeth walked to him.  A favorite moment of the day for me (and for EQ and Jason as well)!

Reverend Ron Robinson, the Wofford chaplain, married Elizabeth and Jason.  They served communion to all of their guests.   

And finally, they are married!

Here's another list of their vendors, and come back to see the party at the reception!

Location: Lake Eden and Events, Black Mountain, NC
Dress: her mother's dress! Creatively transformed by Just Sew by Renee
Bridesmaids: LulaKate
Band: The Business
Wedding Planner: Brittany Ghio from Verge Events

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I used to be called Mighty Mer.  I don't know how "Mighty" I am now, in fact, I now sometimes compare myself to a powder puff.  So my "Mighty" chapter has closed but my love for where that nickname originated is still there.  Cheerleading.  Yes, every once and a while I have to post about cheerleading.  I cheered at Charlotte Allstars and for my last three years there, I was on Teal (believe or not their top team..woop woop!).  My nickname, Mighty Mer, started out as a joke, because I looked and could be puny, but I slowly worked my way up to being Mighty!  This video on YouTube is about Teal then and now....it does not unfortunately include Teal then circa 2000 - 2002 when I cheered on the team.  Our skills then don't compare to what they do now!  Do me a favor, if any of my readers actually watch all 5 minutes of this video let me know...I need to know my cheerleading peeps!  And in true cheer fashion, I will end this post with...


Meredith, the powder puff : )

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Terrier Ball Winners 2010

Every year I donate an item to the Terrier Ball Silent Auction, which is a fundraiser event for Wofford College Athletics that is held during Homecoming.  My first year I donated some photographs of Old Main that I took (typical and not very creative, but I was pressed for time).  Last year and this year as well, I donate my services of Meredith Daniels Photography.  This family received my services as gift from their father/father-in-law who graduated Wofford in 1969.  

We spent the morning at the North Carolina Arboretum.  This place is soooo beautiful! 

Meet the family:  Dad, Mom, William (3 years), and Kate (1 year)

William was able to flip a switch from being camera shy to loving the camera.  It was funny when he wanted his picture taken, he would get super close to my lens and stare it into (which made some very funny wide angle shots).  At other times, which is very typical of children he didn't want his picture taken and didn't want the camera near him.  I always learn a new game when I photograph children.  Sometimes it's a game I makeup on the spot or sometimes the child teaches me a new game/song.  It's good to build my bag-of-tricks so I can get more of that "I love the camera" time with kids.  Here is a sweet smile from one of those moments.

Kate was a cute, cute just turned 1 year old.  She wasn't having her best of days, but you can't predict what days a baby will be happy.  Luckily food did the trick here, and we were able to capture some of her sweet smiles as well.  

I love the picture of Kate trying to climb these stone benches.  I always try to picture how big a step/bench would have to be for us adults to climb like that.  

It was a beautiful morning at the Arboretum.  The morning had a slight chill, but it warmed up and we were able to capture some great moments and family pictures.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elizabeth & Jason's Rehearsal Dinner

You met EQ and Jason here and here.  I have been waiting for their wedding for a long time, so I know Elizabeth was ready for the BIG weekend, and yes it was a weekend affair (sidenote, if you're new to the blog and missed their engagement pictures and bridal pictures, EQ = Elizabeth).

Location: Lake Eden and Events, Black Mountain, NC
Dress: her mother's dress! Creatively transformed by Just Sew by Renee
Bridesmaids: LulaKate
Wedding Planner: Brittany Ghio from Verge Events

This post is just the Rehearsal Dinner.  There are so many images to share with you that I thought I would split it into 2 posts.  Everything was held at the beautiful Lake Eden and Events.  The wedding party even stayed on the property in multiple cabins.

The Rehearsal Dinner was held at The Barns venue on the property.  I love an old building with lots of character!  Throughout the entire weekend, Elizabeth had every detail planned!

Elizabeth was so creative in her decorating of the Rehearsal Dinner.  A theme that carried throughout their wedding was travel due to the fact that the majority of their dating relationship was  a long distance relationship.  The floral center pieces at the tables were sitting atop a slice of wood (that doesn't really do it justice, see picture below) and then maps of the different places that held a special meaning to EQ and Jason were placed under the wood.  I can't even begin to describe the place card settings, so much thought went into it.  The place cards were displayed on the spokes of bicycles, such a great idea!  The humungous red velvet cake was made to look like a vintage suitcase.  The pops of blue and green made everything cheerful!

Here are some snapshots of the evening, starting with the bride and groom!

Here's a guest with their seriously detailed and cute place card!

Kim, Mother of the Groom, giving a toast.

Grandpa of the Bride :)  I love grandparents!

Longtime Wofford Friends giving a wonderfully funny toast!

Best man belly laugh 

Onto the dance floor!

Rocky Top!