Sunday, November 13, 2011

Terrier Ball Winners 2010

Every year I donate an item to the Terrier Ball Silent Auction, which is a fundraiser event for Wofford College Athletics that is held during Homecoming.  My first year I donated some photographs of Old Main that I took (typical and not very creative, but I was pressed for time).  Last year and this year as well, I donate my services of Meredith Daniels Photography.  This family received my services as gift from their father/father-in-law who graduated Wofford in 1969.  

We spent the morning at the North Carolina Arboretum.  This place is soooo beautiful! 

Meet the family:  Dad, Mom, William (3 years), and Kate (1 year)

William was able to flip a switch from being camera shy to loving the camera.  It was funny when he wanted his picture taken, he would get super close to my lens and stare it into (which made some very funny wide angle shots).  At other times, which is very typical of children he didn't want his picture taken and didn't want the camera near him.  I always learn a new game when I photograph children.  Sometimes it's a game I makeup on the spot or sometimes the child teaches me a new game/song.  It's good to build my bag-of-tricks so I can get more of that "I love the camera" time with kids.  Here is a sweet smile from one of those moments.

Kate was a cute, cute just turned 1 year old.  She wasn't having her best of days, but you can't predict what days a baby will be happy.  Luckily food did the trick here, and we were able to capture some of her sweet smiles as well.  

I love the picture of Kate trying to climb these stone benches.  I always try to picture how big a step/bench would have to be for us adults to climb like that.  

It was a beautiful morning at the Arboretum.  The morning had a slight chill, but it warmed up and we were able to capture some great moments and family pictures.  

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