Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I used to be called Mighty Mer.  I don't know how "Mighty" I am now, in fact, I now sometimes compare myself to a powder puff.  So my "Mighty" chapter has closed but my love for where that nickname originated is still there.  Cheerleading.  Yes, every once and a while I have to post about cheerleading.  I cheered at Charlotte Allstars and for my last three years there, I was on Teal (believe or not their top team..woop woop!).  My nickname, Mighty Mer, started out as a joke, because I looked and could be puny, but I slowly worked my way up to being Mighty!  This video on YouTube is about Teal then and now....it does not unfortunately include Teal then circa 2000 - 2002 when I cheered on the team.  Our skills then don't compare to what they do now!  Do me a favor, if any of my readers actually watch all 5 minutes of this video let me know...I need to know my cheerleading peeps!  And in true cheer fashion, I will end this post with...


Meredith, the powder puff : )

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