Monday, January 28, 2013

Brandi & Sean: the girls getting ready

When I proudly told my husband, Sam, that I did a blog post the other day, he pulled up my blog to check it out.  Then he looked at when I last blogged....which was November.  His response was "Oh boy...that's a sign of a dying blog.  Don't let your blog die."  I will not let my blog die.  There is an ebb and flow to blogging, and I've just let the "ebb" go on too long.  So nothing better to kickstart my blogging again with a fabulous wedding.  There are so many details to document from this day, so stay patient as I break it up into a couple of posts.

The glamourous rehearsal dinner of Brandi and Sean was followed by a beautiful wedding day.  They had so many friends and family surrounding them on this day - it was amazing!  The day started off with a bridesmaids' luncheon at Mary's of Falls Cottage, which is in downtown Greenville by Falls Park.

Bridesmaids gifts!  Such cute bags!

Brandi's niece, Etta, such a cutie!  

After the luncheon, Brandi went to her hotel room to get ready.  It was a peaceful afternoon.  She was able to watch vendors go into her reception site to set-up which was exciting to see!  I've mentioned before how much I like to photograph the veil.  This wedding was no exception.

The dress!

When I hung the dress up in the window, Brandi was so excited to see the details of her dress shine.  You could really see the lace pattern on the dress, with the light shining through.  

Another great pair of shoes!

 Watching the vendors load into The Huguenot Mill at the Peace Center.  I'll stop this post here, and promise to include the groom in the next post : )

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Glamourous Rehearsal Dinner

Sean and Brandi had a FUN wedding weekend.  The festivities kicked off with a beautiful and glam rehearsal dinner at The Lazy Goat restaurant in Greenville, SC.  What a great setting for an event.  This restaurant knows how to host a party.  The main dining room is beautiful, the staff was friendly, and the food was tasty!  First let me start with the super photogenic couple : )

Did you notice Brandi's shoes?!  Here's a close-up : )

The beautiful venue

My best friend, Sarah - her husband Zach is Sean's brother.

A tear-jerker toast given by Zach.

Lots of good toasts at this dinner, Ryan, Brandi's brother, also gave a sweet toast!

 I love moments like this - Brandi with her maid of honor, Jenny.

It was a beautiful evening!