Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Hans

Our little boy is growing up so fast, and there's nothing I can do about it!  Sam and I might have a new profession of dog portraits at our hands if we continue with our weekly photos : )

Oh my goodness he was a cutie around 8 weeks, weighing about 10 lbs.  The first day we got him his left ear stood up all day and his right ear flopped over.  I was sad to see his floppy ears go.  

At 9 weeks, Hans is sporting the "teepee ears."  I seriously do not know how he grew so much in one week!  He weighed in at 15 or 16 lbs at 9 weeks.

The difference between weeks 9 and 10 aren't as noticeable (thank goodness, he's breaking my heart by growing up so fast!).  His ears are growing at a faster rate than his body right now. 

I'll keep you posted with Hans updates!  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dreaming of Warm Weather

As I sit on the couch in my long johns with my warmest blanket on top of me and soak in the heat my laptop is giving off to me, I'm dreaming of Florida.  Temperatures in the 70's and 80's, humid ocean air, and the beach...aaahhh.  Why Florida?  Well this lovely couple will be getting married there in April!  I'm looking forward to joining them to photograph their wedding!  

Kelly and Dave live in Pennsylvania, so I know they will be ready for a warm vacation as well.  Now you're asking how did I meet a couple living in Pennsylvania who is getting married in Florida....  Well, Kelly's stepmom, Anne, watched me grow up in my old childhood neighborhood of Coulwood (in Charlotte).  Coulwood is where I have memories of winning the 4th of July Parade's Best Festive Outfit/Bicycle Decorations and one year I even won the "get the greasy watermelon out of the pool the fastest" (also a 4th of July game).  The Coulwood pool holds most of my childhood memories from that neighborhood, and Anne her family lived right beside the pool.  I was thrilled when Anne recommended me to Kelly. 

I actually met Kelly and Dave in Asheville for their engagement session.  We went to the North Carolina Arboretum, a beautiful spot in Asheville.  I hope to spend more time there this year!  Kelly and Dave were fun to work with, easy-going, funny, and smitten with each other.  What more could I ask for?!

These two were so "head over heels" for each other! 

I love this picture!  The softness of the long grass, the changing color of the leaves, and the sunlight are all gorgeous.  And then you have Kelly and Dave just completely comfortable and wrapped up in each other's arms who are also beautiful!

We then hit the Blue Ridge Parkway, which has an entrance right by the NC Arboretum.  

And we'll end with a kiss!

Monday, January 9, 2012

We're Getting a Puppy!

Ashley you win!  Sam and I are counting down the days til we get our puppy!

4 Days, 13 hours to go!

Meet the puppy (no name yet, so feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section).  It's a German Shepherd, and it's a boy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Contest: What's Missing in this Picture?

I really enjoyed the last contest I did on the blog (here).  This is a personal post, so I don't have any client pictures to share (but don't worry, I'll do another client contest).  So here's the contest:

What's missing from the picture below?  Leave your answer in the comment section of this blog post.  The first person to guess the right answer wins!  The prize will be 2 free 8x10's from your photography session/event.  I personally like blog contests where my comment could be the winning answer compared to randomly drawing a winner from a list of people who left comments.  So put your thinking caps on and figure out what's missing in this picture :)  

Sorry this picture was in my last post as well.  Friends and family, I'm sorry, but you're not eligible for this contest.