Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Contest: What's Missing in this Picture?

I really enjoyed the last contest I did on the blog (here).  This is a personal post, so I don't have any client pictures to share (but don't worry, I'll do another client contest).  So here's the contest:

What's missing from the picture below?  Leave your answer in the comment section of this blog post.  The first person to guess the right answer wins!  The prize will be 2 free 8x10's from your photography session/event.  I personally like blog contests where my comment could be the winning answer compared to randomly drawing a winner from a list of people who left comments.  So put your thinking caps on and figure out what's missing in this picture :)  

Sorry this picture was in my last post as well.  Friends and family, I'm sorry, but you're not eligible for this contest.

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