Saturday, February 20, 2010

CHEERSPORT, Catherine, Dillon, & Hunter

I can't believe I didn't post 1 entry during the month of January!  For my 4 followers, I'm so sorry!  My excuse is CHEERSPORT.  We had our largest Nationals ever (8th or 9th year of being the largest Cheerleading & Dance Competition in the World, I can't keep track : )  We had over 850 teams in Atlanta, GA February 5 - 7th.  So if you're interested in seeing a little bit of this cheerleading action, you can see it at  I suggest watching the Shawn Johnson video, she explains why cheerleading is a sport!  And YES, I just said Shawn Johnson!  We were lucky enough to have the Olympic Gold Medalist at our event!  

But now onto pictures - since I haven't taken any pictures since Catherine's senior portraits at Thanksgiving, I'm posting more pictures of her, her boyfriend Dillon, and her dog Hunter. 

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  1. Great pics! So cool Shawn was at your event! It was fun to see you in CLT even if it was just for a minute! :)