Friday, June 4, 2010

New York continued

I'm backtracking a little bit, I forgot to show you the lovely and fresh New York City Subway.  The only thing lovely and fresh in the next picture is Nichole and Ryn.  I can always count on these 2 for a funny picture.  In fact 9 times out 10 Nichole is doing anything but a regular smile in a picture.

After we hopped in the subway in the Washington Heights neighborhood, where Ryn lives because she is attending Columbia University's Physical Therapy Program (yay for smart friends), we headed to the Rockefeller Center.  One thing I loved about the Rockefeller Center is that the plaza is lined with American flags, it's so pretty!  I particularly liked this shot because of the trees in the background as well.

I thought I would share one more picture from the Top of the Rock.  From Left to Right, Nichole, me, and Rhea.  Happy Friday!


  1. mer mer - i love this black and white photo...i love any black and white photo...i can't wait to see them all when you have them all posted! what a great way to decorate a new house :) oh and PS i figured out why it says the consumers...i am signed in with my gmail account but bc i tried to do a blog for the consumers (using my personal gmail address) it won't say anything other than "the consumers" so needless to say i'm always going to be the consumers on here ...ha

  2. so wait....i think i figured it out! happy friday mer! have a great wknd!!