Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you to my 2010 Clients!

So 2010 was a great year!  I photographed a lot of cute, cute children and beautiful families!  Thank you to my clients this past year!  Here is the year in review, and I tried to pick pictures that I did not previously post.

Ayla turned 6 months old in April, such a happy baby!

I then photographed Ayla's family in June at their lake home.  The DeJesus/Skipper family have been awesome supporters of my photography!  Huge thank you to this family, keep on having babies and getting engaged :)

Karsyn turned 2!  She also has a new baby sister, who is just over 6 months old.  I love this family too, Karsyn has the amazing and fun parents Kelly and Brian. 

Nathan and Shayla were great park buddies.  We were all sweating by the end of this photo session! 

My Aunt Teedee got married in June and trusted me with her wedding photography.  The reception was held at The Moorehead Inn, a beautiful house for wedding receptions and parties.  

This cute boy, Thompson, will soon have a baby brother to run around with in April 2011.  Well...then he'll have to wait a while longer to actually run with his little brother.  I know he will be so excited to be a big brother, and will be great at that role!

I am in L O V E with the Hardy family!  Mia is adorable!

Thane is adorable!

And their parents are adorable and very cool!

Naomi and Sean welcomed the arrival of their little princess, Sophie, a few days before Thanksgiving.

Here is Sophie sleeping towards the end of her photo session.  She worked hard to stay awake for the camera!  

I love little baby noses....well I just love little babies!

These pictures are out of order.  Ben turned 2 years old in October, but in these pictures he is about 18 months old.  Oh, Ben and Karsyn, have quite the cute friendship going on!  Ben's mom, Emily works with me as well as Karsyn's mom, Kelly.  I love working with Emily and Kelly, they help make my job so much fun!

And one of the most exciting events of 2010 was Rhea getting engaged to Jonathan!  Sam and I cannot wait for their wedding in Puerto Rico on April 1st!  We can't wait to celebrate your wonderful love for each other in a beautiful tropic environment : ) : )

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