Sunday, May 27, 2012

My brother is getting married!

My brother Zac is getting married this October to the very sweet and beautiful Carla!  I'm looking forward to the wedding festivities that will start in July with her bachelorette party!  I was very happy to take engagement pictures for them.  Some of you might be thinking it could be weird to take engagement pictures of your own brother.  But let me tell you, Zac is not one bit camera shy and he  knows how to work the camera.  He had a very brief modeling stint in high school.  Someone scouted him in the mall.  He did one photo shoot for his modeling card, and he never pursued it any further.  Too bad!  I had fun tagging along to that one photo shoot and watching!

Congratulations Zac and Carla!

Roscoe came along for the photo shoot too.  Although he really doesn't like to look at the camera.  He was more interested in finding the biggest stick possible to carry around.  He found this tree limb, that was over 8 feet long, and he wanted to carry it everywhere we went.  Zac had to keep telling him to "leave it."  He also managed to find an old tennis ball in the woods!  It was really funny!

These next two images are some of my favorite of the session.  I like how comfortable Zac and Carla seem, and I like the light pouring through the leaves in the background.  

Here's Zac goofing off with a piece of grass in his teeth.  

I have to give a shout out to Ann who works at the Bobbi Brown counter at Neiman Marcus, SouthPark.  She did my make-up for my wedding, and she did Carla's makeup for the engagement pictures (which means she will be doing it for her wedding!).  Ann is awesome and super friendly.  If anyone in the Charlotte area needs makeup for an event, you should go see her!

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