Saturday, July 28, 2012

Congratulations Katie & Brady!

I had a blast this past weekend photographing Katie and Brady's wedding!  I'm very excited about sharing Katie's bridal portraits with you!  She braved the 104 degree heat for her bridals!  And we wrapped up  the shoot just as rain drops started to fall.  We did the shoot in downtown Matthews at The Reid House.  This beautiful historical house hosts a Christmas Tea Party that Katie, her sisters and mom regularly attended.  So the location carried some great memories with it already!

Here's the stunning Katie!

Here's the one she chose for her bridal portrait.  This was her grandmother's favorite, so Katie chose this one to honor her!  Also, the her tiara was given to her as a surprise by her grandfather.  He works at a jewelry store in Alabama, and designed the tiara himself.    Is that not one of the sweetest and cutest stories ever!  I love old men, and their sweet dispositions (and wrinkles too!).  I tell Sam all of the time, he's lucky that I think old men are cute, since we'll be old and wrinkly one!

I'll share a close-up of Katie's shoes when I blog their wedding day, but let me say she was a glamourous rock star for being able to wear these shoes all day long!

At this point storm clouds were rolling in, so we wrapped up the shoot at this old barn right beside the Reid House.  Her sister made a smart a call and got the umbrella out of the car before we started shooting at this spot.  I got about 7 shots in at the barn, as rain drops started to fall, so we quickly got out the umbrella and got back to our cars.  I'm so glad we risked a few rain drops for this shot!  Congratulations to Katie and Brady!

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