Saturday, May 18, 2013

Newborn Session: Hadley

I have been quite lucky to see Hadley many, many times since her newborn session and she is growing so fast!  It's just incredible how fast little babies grow!  My youngest niece is 5 1/2 months old and she is in that super cute stage where she can eat her feet : )  Oh to be that flexible!  Soon enough Hadley will discover her feet, but I know her mama would like to slow down time just a little bit!

Dad would swaddle Hadley and seconds later she would have her hands free - this girls likes to move!

Notice how her hands wiggled out of the swaddle!  Candi, the mom, said she now knows what the sucking feeling was when Hadley was in her belly...she was sucking her hands : )

I always love to see how the family dog interacts with a newborn.  Tallulah was very good, and I made sure to pay her extra attention.

We took several pictures in the rocking bassinet.  I don't have my details exactly right, but Mike, the dad, was put in this bassinet (and I believe his grandfather made it?? maybe).  It had deep family ties.  Hadley was great during her session, we were able to get pictures of her awake and asleep, and no tears were involved, which was even better!

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