Sunday, October 11, 2009

It Sold!

My Silent Auction Item (see post below) sold for $80!  It received 4 bids - 3 of which I might have had a hand in ; )  The first bid was from my friends Ryn and Nichole - they were being very nice - and thank you!  The second bid came from Sam's basketball coach, Coach Young.  I spent about 10 minutes standing about 5 - 7 feet away from my auction item - stalking any potential buyers : )  Coach Young walked by and I pointed out my item, and he politely placed a 2nd bid!  Shortly after a couple started to look at the pictures, and of course I was standing by, so I introduced myself as the photographer.  They also politely put a bid on the item and gave Sam and me a hint to check out their silent auction item as well!  So I wasn't the only one trying to sell my item!  When the silent auction ended, I was very curious to see if there was another bid on my item and there was!  There was a 4th bid that I had nothing to do with!  Woohoo - I am very happy that my item donated $80 to the Wofford Terrier Club!  Go TERRIERS!

On another note, I have 3 photo shoots lined up between now and November 1st so stay tuned for more pictures!

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