Friday, October 2, 2009

Wofford Terrier Ball

It's Wofford Homecoming this weekend!!!  Yay!!  Since I have missed the last 2 years (for very good reasons I might add! check out my Hamptons post from last October and you'll see why), I am so excited to be returning to Sparkle City this weekend! 

Rhea, who serves on some Terrier Club board or committee, asked me to donate a piece of photography work to the Terrier Ball Auction.  I happily agreed, and made her ride to Spartanburg with me so I could take some pictures of the campus.  I decided to do a 3 piece series.  The pictures are printed as a standout, and they are all 10x10.  This blog really doesn't do it justice.  I'll try to snap a picture of them on display at the Terrier Ball.

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