Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kentucky: Home of the Unbridled Spirit

I traveled around the state of Kentucky for about 1 week a few weeks ago.  I just love their state slogan - it's fun to say in an extremely southern/redneck accent (go on try it....hey, don't make fun of me, I was in a car by myself for hours on end).  Unfortunately it was gray skies paired with brown/tan/beigeness for 5 out of my 6 days there.  Thankfully the sun and blue skies appeared on my last day right before I went crazy  - it made my drive home much happier!  These pictures were taken on a short unplanned detour on the way to a gym in hopes of finding some scenic sites.  I was somewhat pleased with this 6 mile detour on a very country road.  I was hoping to find horses, and one of those old stone fences that you see all around the Lexington area.  But I was no where near Lexington, so lucky you, you get to see a barb wire fence!

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  1. You make even Kentucky in the winter look good!