Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Does anyone want to adopt a cat...or two?

I thought I would ask my readers if anyone is interested in adopting a cat, or two.  My Nanny and Papa had 2 cats at their house, April (aka "Little One") and Dexter.  They are indoor/outdoor cats, both very loving and cute!  Please spread the word to anyone that you know that has a soft spot for animals.  I don't have a picture of the cats, but I do have another picture of Olivia, Sydney, Amber, and Donny's new puppy, Brody!

I would also like to thank my sister, Rachel Garrison for taking my new head shot, profile picture.  She offered to take a few shots of me while we were in Puerto Rico for Rhea's wedding, and I love them!  Thanks Rachel!

One more random thought for this post, I realized a day later, that I so could have added "Bieber Fever" joke to my last post.  I plan on doing that for my next post of pictures from Sydney's party, because Sydney does have a little bit of the "Bieber Fever!"

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