Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sophie at 4 Months

Okay so I'm back from Rhea and Jonathan's beautiful wedding in Puerto Rico (sadly I'm back home).  Sam and I were just easing into vacation mode when it was time to go.  Note to everyone out there, if you have a chance to go to a destination wedding stay longer than 3 nights/4days!  Day 1 was arrival and rehearsal dinner, Day 2 was the wedding, Day 3 was vacation, and Day 4 was a little vacay and then pack up and head home.  I can't complain, because we had a wonderful trip, but it would have been nice to stay longer.  Congratulations to Rhea and Jonathan, I love you, and your wedding was a great celebration of the wonderful love you share for one another.

Now onto cutie pie Sophie!  It was really fun being a part of Sean and Naomi's lives for a few hours.  This is one of my favorites!  So sweet!  The little bit of time I got to spend around my neice, Callie, at this age, they make the cutest faces especially when you get up close to their face.  Sophie's little smile along with her mom (and dad too in the background) smiling, makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

This little smile is pretty cute too.  Sophie's eyes are very captivating to me.

Sweet little kiss from Dad

Another one of my favs, pretty much any sort of snuggling with baby picture will be a favorite of mine.

Now that's a happy baby!

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