Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Brown Family

Okay, I promised a full post on the Brown Family, here it is!  This is my cuz's family (you must say that in a redneck accent when reading that, that would make Donny (my cousin) proud).  They have a beautiful home on Lake Wylie, and it made for a great location for family pictures!  I can't believe how much Olivia and Sydney have grown up!  Olivia loves posing for the camera, and I didn't know she would be my toughest critic for this session.  Sydney thankfully is over her "avoid eye contact with camera" stage, but keeping her still for that family picture is like trying to keep a bucket with holes full of water.  Here they are...all grown up, Olivia on left at age 7, and Sydney on right at age 5.

This is everyone's favorite family picture of the day, it is awesome!

Well this might be Donny's favorite picture, because this was his idea of a great family photo :)

I thought this was cute how tickled Olivia and Donny got over jokingly pushing each other over the edge of the deck railing into the water.

This is a cute picture of Amber and Sydney.  What's cute is Sydney's "I'm innocent" look - this was seconds after the silly face picture that I featured on my Contest Blog entry.  I read a good article the other day by my wedding photographer, Tamara Lackey.  She was talking about how important "the Mom" is in the role of booking and organizing a family photo session.  So a huge thank you goes out to Amber and all of the other moms that put the work into getting a family picture!  

Here is Olivia working the camera; she also picked the location and the pose.

And here is wild thing Sydney.  I will never forget this moment of Sydney flying up the driveway (clear the roads in 11 years when she gets her license) in her 4-wheeler, "Saving the Day" by saving the turtle from Brody, the puppy.  Yes that is the turtle in the brown paper bag, yes she spontaneously held that turtle high and proud, and yes she was going really fast even though you can't tell from the picture (I told y'all they could have scared the turtle to death!).

I also told you, she doesn't stay still for long....

And last but not least, you can't leave out Champy, their oldie goldie retreiver.

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  1. Meredith, you truly captured the day to day life of the Brown Family! Every day is an adventure filled with endless surprises. Cuz loves them too!