Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vance Birthplace Family Photo Session

Here's another session that I shot for Christmas cards this past fall.  This time - all kids!  We went to Vance Birthplace, which was about 20 - 25 minutes from downtown Asheville in Weaverville.  It was such a beautiful day with beautiful scenery!  The drive out there was inspring to me - just soaking in the  countryside.

It's time to meet Nate, Maclane, and Olivia.  Olivia and Nate are siblings, and Maclane is their cousin.

Such sweet love!

Nate and Olivia convinced their parents to let their dog Gracie come to the photoshoot.  Gracie is a gentle giant!  She was very shy not only to me but camera shy as well!  But what a seriously cute picture of Nate and his dog!

This one made the cut for the Christmas card!

 Nate wanted his picture by the water well (which by the way was the darkest spot at this place!).   So I popped out my reflector, which Nate liked, and I told him to strike his best J. Crew pose : )

Sibling love, right?!  There were a few arguments with this pose...we were reaching the end of the session, but when the photographer asks them hug instead of the mom, they don't question it as much.

I love this picture of Olivia.  She was so excited for me to take her aside for a quick portrait.

Maclane's blue eyes are stunning!  She had the cutest personality.  Her conversation skills as first grader were amazing - it was like I was talking to an adult!

It took a little work to get Nate more relaxed in front of the camera and give me his real smile, but it was great when I finally got him to laugh.

I'm so glad I was able to convince Mom and Dad to get in a picture.  Parents always want pictures of just their children.  But one day, these children are going to want to see pictures of their parents!

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