Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York again and Little Italy

I'm back to showing you some pictures from New York City.  First up, a little humor.

Nichole was a little bit thirsty...

And so was the horse!

Nichole was just pretending, don't worry, she thought it would make for a funny picture and it did!  The street dancers across the street thought she was really drinking water and they started yelling at us.  We yelled back and showed them our cameras trying to convey the message, "we're just playing around."  But, I don't think they understood us, which made it even more funny : )

Now on to dinner that night in Little Italy.  Here is the four of us at some restaurant that supposedly was the first place to serve pizza in NYC.

And after dinner, Rhea and Ryn were very excited about Pinkberry.  Nichole and I opted out.  Sorry to all of the Pinkberry lovers, I would just rather have the real deal ice cream and all of the calories that come with it.

Lucky for us, Little Italy was having a street fair!  We had fun walking around and taking in all of the sights.

The night worked out perfectly, we happened to be very close to the bar Scout in Sex in the City.  Scout is the bar that Steve and Aiden opened together.  In real life the bar is called O'Nieals.  I really liked this place.  It was quiet inside, comfortable seating, we could talk, and their chocolate martini was great!

Rhea, Ryn, and Nichole don't be mad at me for posting this, not the best picture, but it's entertaining!

Well that's all for now.  I do have 1 more day in NYC to show you.  So far all of the pictures were from our first day, Friday!  We did the Top of the Rock, Central Park, and Little Italy.

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  1. Great photos! I really love the colors in them! Looks like you had a blast :)