Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday Father!

Okay so this post is two months late, but what counts is that we celebrated my Dad's 60th with a big bang! It was his best birthday party ever (it was his first birthday party ever!). 

We actually started the weekend on Thursday with some family gardening!  I called in the reinforcements (Mom and Dad) to help me pull out my azaleas (ugh, hate those) and replace them with prettier shrubs.  Don't worry, fellow eco-earth lovers, we replanted the azaleas in the back of house and they act as a barrier to the mud splashing against our house when it rains : ) Don't worry, I put my brother to work on his day off as well; he pulled the weeds and bermuda grass that were overtaking my monkey grass.  Thank you family for all of your help!  It was a great start to the weekend!

Before- note the 6 azalea bushes in front of the porch

After - a blue sky can make any picture look better : ) This is where I should also mention all of my husband's hard work on the grass.  He put in a ridiculous amount of hours making our front and back yard look the best on the street!  

Now onto the party!  We started the weekend out with dinner at The Admiral - Sam and I love this place!  If you are ever in Asheville you must go!  But you need to schedule reservations in advance.  I actually scheduled our party of 10 over a month out (there's only spot in the restaurant they can fit a party of 10 ).  It's a small restaurant, with amazing Top Chef quality food, but has an Asheville, hippie, eclectic atmosphere.  Lucky us, Sam and I are eating here tonight.  We didn't make our reservations until yesterday at 6pm, and the first available time for 2 was at 9pm!  On Saturday we all went up to Bernardsville, NC and did a Navitat canopy zip line tour.  Unfortunately pictures from that were taken on my cousin's camera, so sorry I don't have anything to share with you from that adventure.

Saturday night, everyone came to our house for dinner catered by 12 Bones, another must eat-at restaurant in Asheville if you love BBQ.  Everyone was pretty tired from their whirlwind visit to Asheville on Saturday evening, so it was nice to have a relaxing get together with everyone.  To satisfy everyone's different dessert preferences, I ordered a cupcake pull-apart cake.  There was 3 different flavors of cupcakes, and I thought it was a pretty cute idea.  And wasn't that nice of us to not make my Dad blow out 60 candles : )

Happy Birthday Dad!

And we did manage to get 1 family picture this weekend, and Roscoe even managed to smile (isn't he a cute dog!). 

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