Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mom and Keegan

I know I have posted about Keegan before; he is a special dog.  And by special, I mean not only is he loyal, lovable, playful, cute, and sweet, we think he may have some wires crossed in his brain as well ; )  For example, he likes to chase his tail like a cat and he eats any and everything.  So far we have discovered that he likes peppermint patties (and its wrapper), bird seed, tennis ball fuzz, shoe strings, pop tarts, and I know I'm leaving out some other fun items he has digested.  Everyone in the family tells him if he weren't so darn cute, he would be in a lot of trouble!  I guess that how it feels to be a grandparent - you think you're grandchildren are so darn cute it doesn't matter what parenting rules you break when you're with them - their cuteness will get them through life so the heck with following rules and being responsible : )  I got through kindergarten thru 3rd grade with a moon pie as my breakfast thanks to Nanny!  Nanny would have cooked me a hot breakfast of eggs, grits, and toast every morning if I asked, but noooo, I wanted a moon pie.  And a moon pie is what I got.  And believe or not, she would have given me 2 moon pies for breakfast if I was hungry enough.  I don't know how I digressed to talking about grandparents in a post about my mom's cute puppy.  So finally onto the picture....

Keegan and my mom

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