Sunday, March 20, 2011


Okay to hold my followers until my next picture post, I have some fun videos for you to watch from CHEERSPORT Nationals.  I am finishing up the engagement session pictures of EQ and Jason, and then I have 4 month old pictures of Sophie to share with you as well!  Sophie was the newborn I photographed in November and I can't wait to show how beautiful she is and how much she has grown!

Now onto cheerleading, my other passion in life : )  We had our largest Nationals ever with 920 teams!  It was quite amazing!  We added an additional arena 3 weeks prior to Nationals because of our unexpected last minute growth.  We had 5 competition arenas, a 5 acre warm-up arena, and a huge awards arena as well.  So keep in mind, when you watch the videos below that is one arena, and it is duplicated 4 other times to make up the 5 arenas.

Here is one of my favorite Level 5 Routines (there are 6 levels, but Level 6 is for College and Open teams (Open is 14 years and older).   Open teams are for those that want to be cheerleaders forever.  I could compete on an open team, but I have no reason to die at such a young age, my body would hate me for doing that!

Okay, so here is the Senior Large 5 National Champion (this division can have up to 36 females):

Now would be a good time to mention, Jennifer our graphic designer.  When we added our 5th arena 3 weeks before Nationals, she was tasked with creating a new backdrop for us.  I love this backdrop!  It looks so sharp!  She is awesome!

Okay here is another great Level 5 routine, Senior Large Limited Coed 5 (this division is allowed to have up to 36 members with 1 - 4 males).  This video was filmed by a spectator, so you can get that feeling of what it would be like to be in the audience watching:

And one last routine to represent Charlotte Allstars, where I cheered 5th - 12th grade.  Now this was at NCA Nationals in Dallas, TX.  Now, we were nowhere near this level of difficulty, cheerleading has come a long way since I last competed in 2002.  This is a great routine!

I hope you have enjoyed your little glimpse into my world of cheerleading : )  I'll be back soon with pictures!

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