Monday, June 10, 2013

Ashley at The Biltmore

I definitely need to share more of beautiful Ashley with you.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening at The Biltmore Estate.  Except for all the rain, we are having really lovely weather in Asheville (the rain certainly is making everything super green!)!  We haven't reached the unbearable humidity and heat that comes with summer - you can really enjoy being outdoors when it's in the mid-70's.

I had to warm-up Ashley in front of the camera (which made me think back to my senior pictures).  I actually had my pictures re-taken.  The photographer kept making me smile without showing my teeth (which isn't how I smile)...he was trying to get semi-serious pictures of me...I don't get it.  Anyways, the poor guy delivered the proofs to us, and we didn't like one of them!  Technically speaking they were great pictures, but my smile didn't look like me.  Luckily, he did a re-shoot and they were much better the 2nd time around.  And luckily we got my re-shoot in about a week before I broke my nose in cheerleading practice.  

Enough about my senior pictures, here is more of Ashley!  She is headed off to NC State in the fall.

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