Thursday, June 27, 2013

23 weeks

I thought I would give a quick pregnancy update.  I'm at 23 weeks (5 months along).  The crazy thing to me is that I am past the halfway point...and my to-do list to prepare for baby is just beginning!  Whew lots to do!  I'm excited about my Ikea trip tomorrow with my mom to upgrade my home photography office!  It seems every room in our house needs some sort of small change or organizational clean-out.  I'm trying to tackle all of the other rooms before the baby's room.  We have the baby's room empty which is a great feeling!  The crib should arrive shortly.  Once the crib arrives, the fun process can begin!  So here's a picture from 2 weeks ago at 21 weeks.  Around week 19, I went from that awkward stage of "is she pregnant?" to a definite yes, she is pregnant.  It's a great feeling!  The baby is doing lots of kicking and moving around, which is the coolest feeling.  Sam has been able to feel some kicks as well!  So here's my 21 week picture - and yes, Hans is making an appearance in all pictures - he is so good at posing for the camera : )

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