Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mallory & Edward Engaged

Mallory and Edward drove many miles for their engagement pictures in Greenville, SC.  They are from Charleston and the first weekend they were in town it was just an ugly rainy day - who knew that would be a sign of days to come this summer!  Luckily, when they drove up again we had great weather!  It was partly cloudy and it wasn't too hot.  I'll take partly cloudy over 100 degree heat like last June!  That was brutal photographing in that heat!  Unfortunately for me, Mallory and Edward are getting married in November, and I couldn't do that with an approximate 1 month old.  Too bad, I would have loved to have shot their wedding in Charleston.  I can't wait to see pictures!

Greenville holds a special place in my heart.  My first job out of college was at SunTrust in Greenville in commercial real estate banking.  Yes, I love solving a good financial problem and creating a, I did not enjoy bank life culture.  I worked with some pretty amazing people though, and I have managed to keep in touch with a few.  I lived there for about 1 1/2 years on my own - in my first apartment out of college - with no roommate, which I was super excited about!  They have a beautiful downtown - downtown is smaller than Asheville and more preppy, but still lots of fun!  All of the buildings below were either under construction or just completed when I left Greenville in December 2007.  They have really capitalized on the beauty of the river that runs through downtown.

Meet Mallory and Edward....well the backside of Edward in this picture : )  Don't you just love Mallory's red hair?!

They were so comfortable together!  Mallory and I went to Wofford together (go Terriers!).  We were in the same sorority (go Theta!).  She was a year behind me.  It was so nice to see her again and meet her fiance.  I'm just so happy she found a wonderful person to spend her life with - Edward's affection for her was obvious (and cute!).

They (or at least Mallory) is a Coca-Cola lover, so we stopped by this great old painted building which is right off the west end of main street.

Just a few short months until their wedding!  Congratulations Mallory & Edward!

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