Friday, August 9, 2013

Showered with Love

Baby D and momma were showered with love this past weekend!  Wow, I'm so thankful for my family and friends that will help us welcome this baby into the world.  I was overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and the cuteness of all things baby  : )

Ruth, my bestie since 3rd grade hosted a gorgeous shower at her home.  She said she didn't want me to have to take photos, but I couldn't resist capturing some of the details she put together with her mom.

You know what I love about this picture....Ruth and John's portrait of their dog Walker in the background : )

Here's me with my mom on the left, and other mama, Nancy on the right.  Nancy and my mom worked together many, many years as nurse anesthetists at Presby's Same Day Surgery Center.  Nancy even put me to sleep when I had my first nose surgery in high school right after I broke it.  She said I started doing herky-jerky movements as I was falling asleep and I told her I was just doing some round-off back handsprings...ha!

Ruth and me (I felt the need to put my hand somewhere on my belly, because my dress was more of looser fit).

My AMAZING friends

A delicious and pretty cake from Tizzerts in Charlotte.  It was chocolate on the inside with chocolate ganache and raspberry filling in the layers : )

I officially entered the 3rd trimester last week (at 28 weeks).  Here are my most recent belly shots - thanks to my dear Sam for taking these pics.

We're dog sitting for Sam's parents this week, so Zeke was able to join the picture : )

A quick word about pregnancy clothes for those of you interested in this sort of favorite stores to shop in have been Gap Maternity and Pickles and Ice Cream (in Charlotte, but they have a website as well, it's a franchise).  

My pink pants are from Gap Maternity and they are the demi-band.  They were great in the first half of the 2nd trimester when you start to feel bloated and bigger in your mid section but no one can really tell your pregnant.  They became uncomfortable to me around week 20 when I more or less "pop" as they say.  Now I can wear them under the belly, but it's not super comfortable, but it works.  I'm just trying to get as much wear out of my clothes as possible, but comfort is huge in the pregnancy world, so some days I just can't do these pants.

My jeans are the brand Lilac and are from Pickles & Ice Cream.  They have the full belly band and are super comfortable!  The only thing I would change about them is the navy belly band.  It's navy so that it blends with the jeans, but I noticed that Gap Maternity puts nude color belly bands on their jeans.  The nude band would be nice because I have a few tops where you can see the navy band, so you have to wear a nude camisole.  Not a big deal, but camisoles in the summer aren't fun to wear.  I wear a lot of camisoles in the winter underneath sweaters as an extra layer of warmth (I'm always cold), but not in the summer.  My gray tank top is from Gap Maternity and it's one of my favorites!  It's sooo comfy and soft and has grown with me.  I've been wearing it since week 14 or so.  It's has ruching on the sides which is nice to have in maternity tops.

Sorry for the long ramble about maternity clothes.  I remember being very scared and intimidated when I bought my first pair of pants.  I also felt very silly that I needed a pair of pants around week 13.  But my work pants were just not comfortable.

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