Sunday, December 1, 2013

A never ending growth spurt!

Wow is my boy growing!  He's taking after his dad already in that it appears he will be in the upper part or off the charts in percentile growth.  I don't think he is off the chart yet...just a healthy chunky baby (super thankful for that healthy part!).  His cousin, Emma, who turned 1 today is pretty petite.  We did a weigh in with me holding Eli and Emma on Thanksgiving Day.  Eli weighed 13.2 lbs and Emma weighed 17.8 lbs!  Whoa!  I know his growth will slow down once he reaches 3 to 4 months, but he's going to be a big boy!  I feel this constant need to take pictures of him because this never ending growth spurt.  

I have a ton of pictures on my iPhone.  For those of you interested in what photo editing app I use on my iPhone, I love PicTapGo!.  I usually end up editing photos I have taken throughout the day during a nursing session.  

Here are some pictures I took with my camera last week when he was 5 weeks old.  

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