Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Nursery

I finally got around to taking pictures of the nursery.  I actually had a few small details to complete after Eli was born, which is why I didn't take pictures before he was born.  I love his cozy little room!  If you didn't know, Sam and I waited until Eli was born to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  It was so much fun waiting.  I love surprises, and that is one of life's biggest surprises right there.  I did have a feeling all along that it was a boy.  But a feeling doesn't mean anything, I heard tons of stories from women where they were sure of the gender, but then were wrong.  When Eli was born and Sam said it was a boy, it just seemed right.

I feel like everything in the room can be used for our next child whether it's a boy or a girl.  Although the room leans more towards the boy side, I think that's because girl rooms often appear more frilly with softer colors.

Links and information about where items were bought are included.

I'll start with his crib.  I found it on Serena and Lily, and then did some research on the actual manufacturer of the crib, Franklin and Ben.  I found several stores in North Carolina that carried this crib at a much cheaper price.  Serena and Lily has beautiful items, but it is expensive!  I love the Liberty crib, it's a modern take on a classic spindle crib frame.  I love the bright white.

The crib skirt is from Bellini, a children's furniture/decor store in Charlotte.  It was custom made.  I couldn't find anything that I liked.  I needed something with contrast against the white (plus a white crib skirt with black dog hair in the house doesn't mix well).  The yellow band at the bottom ties in the different yellow accents in the room.   

The giraffe crib sheet is from Pottery Barn.  I have 4 crib sheets, 2 giraffes, 1 white, and 1 white chamois (super soft!).  I also have a flat waterproof crib pad underneath the sheet (similar item found here).  That was a great suggestion from my sister-in-law Rachel.  That way you don't have to wash the mattress pad every time spit-up or a dirty diaper leaks onto the crib sheet.  I change the crib sheet at least twice a week if not more.  I'm sure it will be more when he sleeps in his crib at night.  He is in a bassinet upstairs with us right now during the night.

The elephant print is a poster from Ikea.  We had it mounted on foam/gator board at Michaels.  We didn't want to hang anything heavy over the crib for safety reasons.  And I like the clean white lines that is has without a frame.  Super cheap art work!

The glider...oh how awesome it is!  It is also from Bellini in Charlotte.  The ottoman glides as well.  It is so comfortable.  If you're going to splurge on one item in the nursery I say do it on the glider/chair/rocker.

The curtains are from Ikea (2010).  They were in the room when it was our home office.  I also painted the room gray in 2010 when it was my home office.  

What you can't really see is our awesome black-out shades from Ikea as well.  Talk about a good "bang for your buck."  I love these shades.  We have had one in our living room as well for several years to block window glare on our tv.  They are white and blend right in with the window frame.  

The rug is a random find from High Country Furniture in Waynesville, NC.  Who would have a thought a furniture/design store for your moutnain home would have what I was looking for.  Well, I didn't really even know what I was looking for, but I'm glad I found this rug.  It is soooo soft, plush, and comfortable.  It makes you want to sit down on the floor, which will be a good thing when Eli can sit and play.  Hans loves this rug as well (luckily it hides his dog hair easily).

I thought I got a full shot of the dresser...oops.  It is the dresser from my nursery (and my brother's as well).  I had it refinished by a friend who does amazing work.  I wasn't up for that type of project, and I wouldn't have done even half as good of work as Elizabeth.  You can view her work on her business facebook page, Gussied UP.

The burlap hanging thing covers up the big electrical switch board in our house.  Sam's mom helped me complete that arts and craft project.  The little blue birds hanging from the burlap is a purchase from Spain.  It's a handmade mobile type item that we found in a cute art market our last day in Barcelona. 

This print was actually the first item we bought for the nursery.  I knew I wanted to have some sort of animal theme (obviously you can see I didn't go too crazy into a theme, so maybe animal inspiration is the right word).  We bought the print at The Compleat Naturalist, a store in Asheville.  It's a Charley Harper print, and I just really fell in love with his artwork.

 More easy/cheap artwork....these are Charley Harper 5x7 post cards in cheap Target frames.  The bird print hanging beside Hans' portrait is also a 5x7 post card.  I got two different sets of post cards from Amazon.  So I can switch them out if I get tired of them (but let's be honest, that will probably never happen).  The door on the left is the closet.  The door on the right goes into the bathroom.

The lamp is from Target.  And my dad built his little book case!  It's covered in a window panel from Target that looks like Burlap, but it's softer polyester type material.

Of course I have to include some recent pictures of my sweet boy.  Hanging out on his tummy at 7 weeks old.

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