Wednesday, December 11, 2013

iPhone Eli Pictures

Here are some Eli iPhone pictures.  I always have my phone with me throughout the day for two reasons: (1) Eli is so cute and I can't stop taking his picture or taking a video. (2) I need to know what time it is when I'm feeding him.  If the photos were edited I used the PicTapGo! app I mentioned in my previous post.

Here is the first picture I took of Eli.  He was born at 9:01pm on Monday, this picture was taken around 6:30am on Tuesday morning.  I really didn't sleep much that night.  Well, we didn't even get to our room until around 1:00am.  I wanted to send a picture of Eli to my friends to let them know that Eli had been born, but Sam's phone had all of the delivery room pictures, so I snapped this shot while laying in bed.

It's amazing how much their face changes as the swelling goes down.  

Night 2...trying out our Happiest Baby on the Block tricks.  That book was super helpful - it's the one book I would recommend to pregnant women (and future dads) along with The Nursing Mother's Companion.

Waiting to be discharged....

I think he really looks like Sam in this picture.  Eli doesn't look like my baby picture or Sam's baby picture, but he is taking after Sam.


I had to include one of our sweet Hans too : )

He loves bath time, and I love giving him baths!

Milk Coma : )

Hans is adjusting well to his little brother.   I think he just likes the way he smells (milk, spit-up, dirty diapers...all favorite smells to Hans...haha!)

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