Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hardy Family Take 2

I want to share more pictures of the Hardy Family Shoot.  It was a fun morning filled with playgrounds, dancing, and bubbles.  I know I mentioned the cold weather in my last post, but seriously, that Sunday was the coldest day of the week!  The rest of the week was sunshine and upper 60's, beautiful fall weather!  I'm so glad they were open to a non-typical family picture.  How cute are they all going down the slide?

Kids love bubbles, and it's fun watching them blow bubbles and make a mess.  By the end of the photoshoot, Thane had spilled a whole cup of bubbles on the front of his shirt.

I think you can see this family knows how to play!

This was funny, Mia and Thane didn't want to sit on the ground.  They thought Mom and Dad looked like a better place to sit.

This is one of my favorites.  It's another one of those shots where the mom's love for her child is so evident to me.

And the last picture of the day, they ended with blowing a kiss (timing was a little off on blowing the kiss, but it makes me smile and hopefully it will bring happy memories to the Hardy family, and that's the important thing).

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