Friday, November 5, 2010

Naomi and Sean...waiting for Sophie

Naomi and Sean are the sweetest couple!  They are expecting their first child, Sophie Grace towards the end of November.  Sean was really great at making Naomi relax in front of the camera.  In his words, "it was her day."  He was constantly making her smile and laugh, and the great thing about it was Sean was just being himself.  

This picture of Naomi, I love, she is very relaxed and beautiful in this picture.

I love the light in this picture, and see how sweet Sean is being!

We went to a local ice cream store, because every pregnant woman loves ice cream, right?  I just love, love ice cream and I'm not pregnant, so it seemed like a fun idea.  Naomi and Sean, I can't wait for you guys to welcome little miss Sophie to the world, I'm sure she'll be sweet just like her parents.

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