Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Callie's Baptism

Earlier this month, we celebrate my niece, Callie, with her baptism.  Callie just turned 10 months old, and she is sooooo cute!  I love her little smile and rosy cheeks.  There were several moments this weekends where I just I wanted to take Callie back to my house and not share her with any other relatives.  I don't think that would go over too well with the rest of the family...

Here is the beautiful Callie with her beautiful momma!

Matt and Rachel had the minister that married them perform the ceremony.  Callie was checking him out...Rachel calls this the scowly-revenge face.  It's everyone favorite picture of the bunch.

I really want to add to add subtitles to all of these pictures like for the one below "why are you touching me, please stop." But it was a very nice baptism ceremony, and that would take away from the beauty and all of the love that was there that day (but you'll catch yourself smiling at Callie in these pictures, and her cute little faces).  At the end of the baptism, everyone in the family got to read a blessing for Callie that we all wrote ourselves.  It was very sweet!

With her Dad, Matt.  She was really into pointing at things this weekend.  

The whole family with G'mama unable to look at the camera because of Callie : )

 Thank you to Rachel for taking these next 2 shots!  
Callie with her 2 aunts!

Sam and me with Callie : )

Callie with her great-grandmother, G'mama.  I think Callie looks like G'mama.  Y'all probably think I'm crazy for saying that (and you can't tell from this picture), but I see the resemblance in their eyes and smiles.

And one last close up!

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  1. Great post! (of course, I'm very biased...) You took beautiful pictures, as always. And, I agree-I think she looks a little like Gmama, too. :)