Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Ella!

Hi guys!  I am ready for the weekend!  Sam and I don't have any plans, but that's the best part about the weekend, we just get to hang out with one another.  I've got a pork shoulder roasting in the oven, and tomorrow night I will make pork tinga with it, a recipe I learned from Dad.

Onto to the cute pictures, I have a few pictures to share with you of Ella.  I love this little series of Ella with her mom, Elizabeth.  Most parents that I work with book the session to get pictures of their children, but I always insist on at least one shot with your child.  And I think these photographs of Mom and Daughter are so sweet!

I thought this was a cute little series of Ella crawling.  She loved it up on this surface, the stones were smooth (unlike the concrete of a sidewalk), but the sound of her little knees scooting/scraping along worried me slightly (I'm going to be a big worry wart mommy!).  If you're a Wofford grad, you might notice this is at the top of Old Main and the other pictures are on the steps of Old Main : )  And yes those are elephants on her skirt, there is child character with books and stuff called Ella the Elephant, very cute!

Stay tuned throughout the weekend, I've got a fun surprise to share with you from Ella's 1 year old session!  Happy Friday!


  1. Beautiful! Ella is really cute, and kind of reminds me of another little girl I know. Your b/w tones are really soft and lovely in that first image!

  2. Thanks Rachel!! I was browsing your old blog today, I miss being able to view your work!