Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I know everyone thinks they have the best mom in the world, but let me tell you why I think my mom is the best mom in the world.  She is...
Nurturing - She knows how to take care of people!  I really missed her when I was sick this winter with the flu in Asheville.  
Singer - Okay, so she's no Whitney Houston, but she's not afraid to sing, any occasion can warrant it's own tune.  For example, there was a song for the first, middle, last, and every day in between for school, a song for Christmas, Easter, a Sunny Day, a song for when you're down, a song for waking up in the morning (this is a fav of mine, it starts with "How many biscuits can you eat this morning"), and many more.  I'm not sure Sam is happy about this trait that I have inherited from my mom, I like to sing impromptu love songs to him.
Giver - My mom would give the world to me if she could.  Here's a great example from the other night when we went out to eat at Curate.  We decided to share a dessert (a critical mistake made by my mom).  And let's just say, she got about 1-2 bites of the dessert, and then she gave the rest to me!  I'm not sure I could ever give chocolate away!  Sam likes to test this theory on me by asking to have a bite of my ice cream every night.  I'll give him a small bite as long as it isn't my last bite (and it's only because I love him dearly that I give him bite, I'm not sure I would let my friends have a bite - I know I'm extremely selfish with chocolate!).
Listener - I have talked to my mom almost every day of my life.  Thank goodness we had cell phones when I went to college, because I remember talking to my mom a lot out on the front steps of Greene (the freshmen girls residence hall, yes there was only one, it was a small school).  It wasn't that I was homesick, it was adjusting to living with people in a dorm room, going through sorority recruitment, cheerleading was horrible that semester (I wanted to quit, we weren't very talented), all the silly things that seem so serious while you're in college, she was there to listen, comfort, give advice, and make me feel better.  And there has been countless hours spent on the phone with my mom, I look forward to talking to her every day!

I guess I should move onto the pictures, I don't want to make y'all any more jealous than you already are of my mom :) :) :)

Okay, here are my wonderful parents!  I love my dad too, he's pretty awesome!  You'll have to wait until Father's Day to hear more.

Mom, because I love you, I am not including the "out-takes" of you making silly faces!  Although they do remind me of Papa's silly faces he would make :)

I should also say that I love my other mom and dad (Daniels) very much as well!  I am one lucky girl to have in-laws that (a) I like (b) I like spending time with (c) I feel completely comfortable with (d) they are kind (e) they have a great sense of humor (f) and they are extremely fun to be with!

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  1. Thank you, my sweet daughter (or as we say "fraughter" best friend and daughter)! You are the most wonderful gift any mom could hope to have. I love you very, very, very much:)