Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asheville City Market

I went to the Asheville City Market with my friends/house guests, Nicole and Joe yesterday morning.  Everything looked beautiful and yummy!  

This is our favorite pasta ever!  It's homemade, and the difference between homemade pasta and boxed pasta is unbelievable!  Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING!  I can't wait to get my parents to try it.  Sam's parents and sister are now fans as well.  Our goal is to keep our freezer stocked with this stuff ALL YEAR LONG!

Yesterday we tried their Tomato Basil Sauce and bought some of their pizza dough.  Joe made us the best pizzas ever with some parmesan cheese and basil, tomatoes, and rosemary from our garden at home.  YUMMY!

There are some beautiful flowers at this market (there's usually beautiful flowers at any sort of farmer's market).  

I LOVE this hanging/fall over flower, I should have asked what it was.  It makes me want to plant a window box with flowers on our front porch...maybe next summer.

Other sights of the market....

And a collage of my favorite color yellow (plus a little orange and red)

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