Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nanny's 80th Birthday!

Hello blog readers!  I actually have 2 client sessions to share with you, but allow me one more personal post before I do those.  My Nanny will turn 80 next Sunday, August 28th.  My family got together this past Saturday for her birthday.  Many of you know that since Papa passed away Nanny is now in a memory care unit at a nursing home.  My parents had the party at their home, and we picked up Nanny and brought her to the house for the afternoon/evening.  She is in a great home, and the care givers there love her!  She is still very active and high functioning even though she has Alzheimer's.  She's constantly helping out there whether it's passing out drinks and snacks or soothing another resident.  If any readers have a family member with Alzheimer's and need someone to talk to, let me know.  My mom is involved with some great support groups for Alzheimer's.

So I have shared the picture below several times on my blog - it's Papa on his 80th Birthday (2008).  Whenever a photographer is asked what's your all-time favorite image, it's tough to come up with a final answer.  Seeing how this picture is just engrained to my memory, and I've shared it with all of you multiple times, I'm guessing this image would make the top 5.

Now I have some great pictures similar to above of Nanny on her 80th!  Isn't this a great series!  I don't have a favorite yet, but if I had to vote right now, the 2nd image in the series is my favorite right now. That's Olivia closest to Nanny and Sydney on the end, her great-grandchildren.

On a less sentimental note, that is Cold Stone Creamery's Midnight Delight ice cream cake - the absolute best chocolate ice cream cake!  Sam get's me one of those cakes every year for my birthday, and we had one for Nanny's birthday, so I have had a slice of that cake for a week straight now : )(eek...I'm sure that's not healthy, but chocolate is a staple in my diet, so it's no shock to my body).

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