Saturday, August 13, 2011

Part 2: Jacquelyn & Scotty's Wedding

 I'm so excited to share with y'all the reception pictures of Jacquelyn and Scotty's wedding!  The Big Chill along with the DJ had some awesome uplighting and disco lights which makes for fun and colorful photographs.
First sweet!

The father-daughter dance started off as a tear-jerker.

 A touching toast from the Maid of Honor, Felice, the bride's sister.

Jacquelyn's grandparents won the anniversary dance.  Aren't they cute!  Her grandmother had a smile on her face all night long!  I loved photographing her.  On a side note, you'll have to ask my husband Sam, how we won the anniversary dance at Rhea & Jonathan's wedding with only 1 year and 11 months of marriage (it's a funny story!).

These wedding guests definitely brought their dancing shoes!

Waiting in line for the photo booth, people like to point at photographers (pointing picture #1).

Pointing Picture #2 - I believe they were saying (or possibly yelling) "Camera girl it's your turn to show us your dance moves!"  I politely declined, I would have embarrassed myself, they had some good dance moves!

Okay, this was a Catholic wedding ceremony, not Jewish.  I'm not really sure what happened here, I went outside to snap the above picture and came back inside to the bride being lifted in the air in her chair.  So if you were at this wedding please fill me in : )

Jacquelyn and Scotty, I wish you the very best!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your day!  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception!

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