Monday, August 29, 2011

One Big Happy Family...

well we had to use candy and treats to keep the kiddos happy : )  These little boys had it figured out, 1 picture = 1 sweet tart.  As the photo shoot continued, that ratio jumped to about 1 picture = 5 sweet tarts. And I took A LOT of pictures, and I had a candy surprise for them as well at the end!  It was a sugar high session!  This was the family session that took place at Asheville Botanical Gardens, a very beautiful location!

Meet the family...Grandparents with their 2 daughters, son-in-laws, and 2 grandchildren

Andy and Leslie, newlyweds!  

3 Year Old Twins, Parker on the left, Whit on the right.  Their dad is in the Navy Reserves, and they think that means he works at Old Navy, the clothing cute!  That story needs to be told when they graduate high school and then when they get married.

Now, I'm not trying to confuse you - well maybe I am : )  Now Whit is on the left and Parker is on the right.

The parents, Lindsay and Chip.  They have a cute love story.  Lindsay was a teacher and Chip was the school police officer, and they met at school!  My brother's girlfriend Carla taught with Lindsay, and that's how Lindsay found me.  Now my dancing on a wet slippery rock didn't interest Parker at all, but I was trying.  I think they were a little upset they couldn't get in the water.  

We pulled out the big surprise (whirly pops), and Whit was worried his Dad was really going to eat his treat!  Look at Parker's sweet smile!

The mom, Marcia, with her 2 daughters, Leslie and Lindsay.

And I'll end with this silly face!

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