Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jenna & Andrew are Expecting!

I must really love my blog readers, because I am squeezing in one last blog post for you before Sam and I leave for vacation to Hong Kong tomorrow!  Jenna and Andrew are expecting Baby Boy E any day now (I believe her actual due date is around September 7th).  I was so honored that they asked me to take maternity pictures for them.  They are good friends with the DeJesus family (remember this family shoot, baby shoot, and engagement shoot).  Rhea is one of my best friends, we met at Wofford, and her family is amazing.  Jenna and Andrew were at Rhea and Jonathan's wedding in Puerto Rico, where they were just a couple of months pregnant.  They are soooo natural in front of the camera, and their love and affection for one another and their baby was extremely evident.

Meet the cute couple - and I don't hold it against them that they are Davidson grads ; )

They also have a beautiful home, which was beautifully decorated (they like to shop at Cotswold Marketplace). 

They knew about "Eskimo Kisses" too!

Such a sweet quote!!

Jenna is looking forward to having her little boy run around and play in their backyard and on their playset.

Andrew couldn't keep his eyes off his beautiful pregnant wife, it was adorable!

I can't say enough kind words about this couple.  They are going to be awesome parents, and I can't wait to meet Baby E!

On a different note, my brother just asked me "why Hong Kong?"  When I said, "can you imagine 7 million people squeezed into a place smaller than Manhattan, it's going to be so cool to see everything in that city!" He said, I just got back from Manhattan, that was crowded enough, that doesn't sound like fun.  Well I say, different strokes for different folks!

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