Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hong Kong, First Full Day

Wow, what a day we had yesterday!  It's still really weird to me that Sam and I are well into Thursday, and it's only 9:45pm on Wednesday at home.  I was on FaceTime with my parents and my mom asked, well what did you do today?  I said, you mean what did we do yesterday?  Haha, it's funny to think that they are getting ready for bed when we are getting ready for a full day!

Okay so yesterday we tried to find Maxim's City Hall Palace restaurant to eat Dim Sum for breakfast, but we were unsuccessful in finding that restaurant.  So we wandered to the IFC Tower 2 (the 2nd tallest building in Hong Kong) and ate breakfast there.  They have a really nice mall there, and when I say really nice, Sam and I wouldn't even step foot into one of the stores there.  All of the world's most premier fashion brands have a store in that mall.  However, we were able to step into this little Asian Twist Cafe that served a good breakfast.  I had bread with strawberry jelly and Sam had noodles with pork.

This is on Hong Kong Island, the tall skinny building in the background is IFC (International Finance Center).  Sam and I were awestruck by the size of this building as well!

Look they had forks and spoons where we had breakfast!  I've actually been doing fairly well with chopsticks.

After breakfast we rode the mid-levels escalator up to the top.  This is the world's longest moving sidewalk.  In the morning it only moves downhill as everyone goes into town for work.

They have stops every once and while, so you can get off at different neighborhoods, I just liked the way this building looked.

The remaining pictures are the sights of Hong Kong Island's neighborhoods as we wandered back down into the city.

Sam and I hopped on one of these tram cars yesterday!  It was fun!

Rachel, here's a tease for my next post which will include our Japanese lunch that Sam and I enjoyed.  

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