Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hong Kong, our first night

We landed at 6:40pm on Tuesday (we took off at 3:40pm on Monday from Newark).  The flight was good.  About 3 hours into, Sam and I looked at each other, and said "Oh crap, we have 12 hours to go!"  That's when you fall asleep.  I caught up on some chick flicks I've been wanting to see.  I watched Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed, The Nanny Diaries, and 1/2 of Midnight in Paris.  

Wow there is so much to see in this city!  Everything is sooo visually stimulating.  Between the bright signs, mountains, harbor views, huge sky scrapers, street markets, and the people there is soooo much to look at it!  In case you're wondering it's 8:00pm Wednesday here as I type this post, my readers on EST, that means it's 8:00am on Wednesday for you.

We were welcomed with hot tea when we arrived in our hotel room!

We wandered the streets last night and ended up eating at a Vietnamese Restaurant.  We actually haven't had Chinese food yet, but we are headed to a Sichuan Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight.  I liked the red lanterns hanging down from this store.

My night pictures are blurry, I needed a tripod, but you get the feel of the city lights here.

That' s me after a 15 hour flight and more than 24 hours without a shower (I'm actually glad for the blur in this picture, it sort of blurs out my tired face).

I might buy a tripod to try to take a few of these pictures at night, because that red sail boat against the skyline was awesome!

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