Sunday, September 25, 2011

Congratulations EQ & Jason!

Elizabeth and Jason (Engagement Post 1 and Post 2) got married yesterday at the beautiful Lake Eden in Black Mountain, NC.  Congratulations!  It was a beautiful day in the NC mountains for a wedding!  Elizabeth planned every detail, and I can't wait to share her wedding photos with all of you.  For now I will share the oh-so-fun bridal shoot. 

Elizabeth and Jason met at Wofford.  She surprised everyone with her bridal portraits by having them done at Wofford.  I know I'm biased in knowing that Wofford is the best college, but biased or not, you can't deny that Wofford truly is a beautiful campus!  I love taking pictures here!  And if you have any connection to Wofford, then a picture in front of Old Main carries so much meaning and memories.  Old Main to me brings back memories of my first class as a freshman at 8:30am, sorority bid days, enjoying beautiful fall and spring days on the steps of Old Main, graduation, and my engagement (it's where Sam proposed).  Elizabeth even had a picture of us from our freshman or sophomore year on the steps of Old Main in her Rehearsal Dinner slideshow :)  I know Elizabeth and Jason have their own special memories of Old Main as well, and now they have one more memory to add to their list.  

So here is the portrait she chose to have printed, framed and displayed at the Reception:

Elizabeth wore her mother's wedding dress!  The top was re-worked to be more modern.  The gown was originally sewn by her mom's aunt or sister-in-law (I can't remember the exact person, but it was a family member).  The top part of the dress when her mom wore it included lace sleeves and a lace turtleneck.  

The broche was her grandmother's.  She wore it on her dress during the ceremony, and then it became a hair-piece for the reception.  

For my Wofford peeps, this is the walkway to Olin.  

Inside Old Main

This bench sits in front of the library and was donated to Wofford by some acquaintances of Elizabeth's parents.  These were some of my favorite images of our session.  

Old Main for those of you not familiar with Wofford's campus.

Once inside Old Main, we re-created her mom's bridal portrait.  It was a simple stance of shoulders angled, face towards the camera, and the train wrapped around.  My mom has a very similar bridal portrait (and I would be willing to bet anyone married in the 70's would have something very similar as well).  I'm so glad wedding photography has evolved, and there are so many different styles that brides can choose from now.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Jason!  I know this was an exciting part of your lives, and I had so much fun being a part of your special day.  You were surrounded by friends and family that loved you, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

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