Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you to my friends!

I have the most amazing friends!  Nichole, Ryn, Rhea, Ruth, Sarah, and Rachel - you guys are awesome!  Last week I went to dinner with my Wofford girls, Nichole, Rhea and Ryn.  We had planned the dinner around when Ryn is in town on her summer break from Physical Therapy Grad School at Columbia University in New York City.  We all have some crazy calendar activities, so the only available time slot was a Thursday evening.  They surprised me with my birthday present, it was sooooo sweet of them.  Nichole contacted all of my friends mentioned above and they all contributed to my Kelly Moore Bag!!!!  I have been looking at these bags for a long time, but I could never bring myself to buy one.  When I'm constantly saving for a new lens and new camera, I couldn't convince myself to buy a pretty (but extremely functional) camera bag.   Here's a quick snapshot of my B-Hobo Kelly Moore Bag taken with my iPhone Instagram App (I used the Nashville filter).  My camera body with a 24-70mm lens is in the bag with room to spare for a flash, more lenses, wallet, phone, lipgloss, and SD cardholder...amazing!

The center flap closes magnetically, and you can also zip the top close (where my camera is).  You can see the 2 outside zipper pockets for miscellaneous items.

A view inside shows room on the side for flash, lenses, etc.

There's a larger zippered pocket on the backside, and 2 side pockets as well.  I am one HAPPY girl!  Thank you a million times to my awesome friends!!!  I love you!

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