Sunday, December 18, 2011

And finally...EQ & Jason's Wedding Reception

I have split Elizabeth and Jason's wedding into multiple posts because I had so many images I wanted to share with you!  If you need to read the first few posts click here and here :)

Elizabeth and Jason hosted a "Coke-tail" hour for their guests.  Elizabeth's grandparents shared a Coke on their first date together.  It was such a sweet way to tie her grandparents' story into their wedding day.  My second shooter, Stephanie Holley, grabbed these first 3 images while I was photographing the formals and some one-on-one with the bride and groom.

Elizabeth prepared these cute booklets for her guests filled with love quotes.

A very cute way to make a coffee table out of a bail of hay - add an old window frame on top of the hay.  The "Coke-tail" hour had a very rustic but chic feel to it.

So do you remember their engagement session also took place on the Lake Eden property?  This is the couple that braved the cold.  I saw this tree and fell in love with it instantly (sounds like something a botanist would say - we had a professor at Wofford that would walk around and give the trees hugs...seriously!)

Don't you just love the change of seasons!  

Heading off to their reception...

Once at the reception, they had some very sweet dances with each other and their father and mother.

Elizabeth's dad introduced her grandfather at the end of the toast to do the prayer before dinner.

After dinner and saying hello to friends and family, the dance party started with an anniversary dance. 

The set of grandparents above just barely edged out the others with their astounding marriage of 50+ years (I think I'm correct on that number, it was a long time!) 

Find Waldo (aka me)...this will probably be on the only time I make it in a photo at a wedding.  This was the Wofford Crew at the wedding!  Thanks Stephanie for snapping this shot.

And here's the Duke crew

It was a really fun band!  I wanted to get out there and dance too!

Parents in the Photo Booth

Guests were given a S'mores goodie bag and invited to come toast their late-night snack at the bonfire that was outside the tent.

If I were a guest at this wedding, I would have been in heaven! 

 After the bonfire, Elizabeth surprised her guests with a wardrobe change, and made her grand entrance to "Devil with the Blue Dress."

I like this "blue" series where I was letting the band's lights and the tent lights be my only source of light.  It gives the images a fun feel to them, which is great because everyone was having a fun time!

Mr. and Mrs. O'Quinn I hope you enjoy your first Christmas together as a married couple!  Congratulations!

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