Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookie and Camera

You've met Ella before for her 1 year old birthday shoot (2 posts, here and here).  Here she is all dolled up for Christmas looking adorable!  Ella's parents, Elizabeth and Marc had her very prepared for the photo shoot.  The first thing she said to me when she got out of the car was "camera."  How awesome is that!

There is a great back story to the picture above and below.  We are at this nice park in Spartanburg right besides Wofford's campus (go Terriers! - I have to add that in whenever I can).  I'm actually sitting on the other side of this small stream that runs through the park.  Ella has had swim lessons and loves the water.  We thought it would be a good idea to take her to the water and let her be near it, but all she wanted to do was get in the water.  Sounds cute, right?  But it was so dangerous along the water's edge because it was lined with jagged rocks, and Ella had this "I want to dive in head first to that water" look on her face.  She got pretty upset when we didn't let her get in the water, so we had to move on and distract her from the stream.   

Enjoying a ride in her red wagon

Her grandparents had Ella laughing and smiling and making scary faces.  This shoot took place 1 day before Halloween, and Ella had a pretty darn cute "monster face."  

I have to tell one more story about Ella.  She had such a cute little personality.  We took a break from pictures (or rather a break from Meredith chasing after Ella as she explored this park with a full on run).  Her parents offered a snack (I believe it was cheerios or some little snack food like that).  She told her parents that she did not want that snack they brought with them, she wanted a cookie.  Now that is a girl after my own heart, already loving the desserts.  

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