Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Wofford Couple

Can you believe it?  Wofford is a special place!  Meet Austin and Ryan Beaton.  I photographed their rehearsal dinner in Greenville, SC at the Brick Street Cafe.  

A little back story to Austin and Ryan: Austin was a soccer player and Ryan played baseball at Wofford.  Austin worked for Athletics while in college, and she helped out with the music and computer stuff at basketball games.  So as a cheerleader I remember her playing our time-out music for us to walk-through and practice our time-outs before the game.  Most soccer players don't like the sport of cheerleading and most cheerleaders don't like the sport of soccer (there are a few exceptions to this generalization).  Therefore, I concluded that Austin didn't like me.  And I was somewhat afraid of female soccer and basketball players - you have to be so aggressive in those sports, and that was never up my alley.  I would participate on our sorority intramural teams and here are my experiences with those sports.  While playing basketball, I went up for a rebound and instead of catching the ball it bounced right off my forehead.  My college basketball boyfriend (now husband) and his teammates were there to witness that clumsy mistake (they laughed pretty hard).  Another time in basketball, a girl on the other team landed on my foot and rolled her ankle, and I stopped to make sure she was okay and kept apologizing during the game  (you're not supposed to be that nice).  During intramural soccer, I pretty much jumped over the ball if it came my way.  I was just there to be a body on a field.

Back to Austin and Ryan...After college, Sam and I ended up tailgating with a great group of people which included Austin and Ryan - turns out I really like them, and I wish we would have hung out more in college.  Our circles of friends intertwined sometimes.  Austin and Ryan were at the epic "Around the World Party" we were a part of my senior year.  At this party your dorm room would become a country, and you would host the party in your room for 1 drink that represented your country.  So for example, Mexico served margaritas.  My roommate and I were Paris, France, and I think we served a fancy cocktail drink.  Ryan lived off campus across the street in a house that he rented with several other baseball players.  The "baseball house" as it was called became the "airport" for our "Around the World Party."  It was awesome, when the party moved to the baseball house, they had guys directing the crowd with those orange light sticks you see men using on the runway.  The airport was our last stop on the "Around the World Party."

But onto, their rehearsal dinner.  It was great a gathering of friends and family.  The room was definitely filled with love for this couple!

Meet the couple, Austin and Ryan

Meghan, one of the bridesmaids, she looks striking in this picture - I just love that dress!

Austin with her dad, they had a special connection

 Mother of the Groom

Sarah had a 6th sense this evening, she always seemed to know when the camera lens was pointing her way, and she always made funny faces at me.  So if you make funny faces at me, you're going on the blog :)

 Austin with her brother

 Another Wofford Couple, Caroline (not pictured, but she was the matron of honor) and Tim, and their son Mason.  He was the cute ring bearer.  He was great at being cute, but got shy and didn't want to walk down the aisle.  Kids in weddings are awesome, you never know what they will do!

They were watching the video slideshow.

Austin gave some of the sweetest speeches when talking about her friends in the bridal party.  

Tears were flowing at this point...

I loved the necklaces she gave all of her bridesmaids.  It's a wishbone, and it was handmade from some place in Atlanta.  

Father-Son Picture

Congratulations Austin and Ryan!  Looking forward to many more Wofford tailgates and whoopie pies with you!

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