Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Glimpse at Martha's Vineyard

I have so much to share with you from my fall/winter.  It's only just begun with my Wofford couples.  Sam and I had about a 12 layover in Charlotte (luckily my parents live in Charlotte) flying in from Hong Kong before we left for Boston/Martha's Vineyard the next day.  We were flying to Boston, renting a car, driving to the ferry, taking our car on the ferry, and driving off the ferry onto Martha's Vineyard.  Quite the trip to get there, but it's an exciting trip, they only mode of transportation we didn't use was a train.  We were there to celebrate the wedding of Sara and Joe - Sam was a groomsman in the wedding.  

You would think after flying more than 30 hours in a plane to and from Hong Kong, nothing in a plane could phase me, but you're wrong.  We were about to land in Boston (literally about 15 -  30 seconds from touching down), and the plane engines revved back up, and we went back into the air. In my mind, I was thinking okay, there's a reason we didn't land, but come on captain, please hurry up and tell us why.  It was probably about 3 minutes (felt like 10 minutes!) until the captain came on the intercom and said the winds shifted right as we were about to land (you could tell a rain storm was coming in), so air traffic control switched runways on us.  I was about to have a panic attack.  When you're that close to the ground, and then the plane speeds back up and the next thing you see is that you're flying out over the Atlantic ocean, you start to freak out.  Luckily Sam kept a cool, calm, and collected face for me.  The lady next to me didn't seem to mind, and we kept on talking, and I kept on shaking me feet as a nervous tick.  And we did land safely, and hats off to our captain. 

The day of the wedding I had some free time while Sam did "groomsmen" activities, so I drove around the island with my camera in hand.  It's always fun to explore a new place with your camera (and be by yourself), and not really have any time constraints.  Sara and Joe had absolutely beautiful weather for their wedding day!  Below are a few snapshots of the island that caught my eye.

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