Friday, December 23, 2011

The Espinosa Family

Oh how I love this sweet family.  Emily is the sweetest person on this earth.  She is my old co-worker from CHEERSPORT, and she is my old teammate from Teal.  I met her family on a chilly November morning after Thanksgiving (much colder than it is now that we are a 2 days from Christmas).  You just never know what temperature you will get on a sunny winter day in Charlotte.  Will it be 32 or 62?  Emily and Luis prepped their 3 year old son, Ben, for family pictures as well.  They worked on teaching him my name (which is a very hard name for any young child to say).  I lived with a family friends right out of college when I started my banking job (luckily it only took me a 1 1/2 years to discover that wasn't the right career path for me - but that's the type of job I got out of college as a finance major).  Anyways, I had about 3 - 4 weeks in Greenville, SC where the job was based before I went to Atlanta for 6 weeks of training.  To prevent paying rent for an apartment when I wouldn't be living in it, this family graciously allowed me to stay with them.  At the time their 3 year old could not say Meredith, it came out like "Mer-Da."  It was cute hearing him try to say my name.  

Back to the Espinosa family, Ben was all ready for pictures in the car ride over to the park with his parents, but he was really shy as soon as we started taking pictures.  You never know what children will do during family pictures, but it's okay if they are not "perfect" the day of a photo shoot.  Their personalities still manage to shine through.  Although Ben was acting shy that day, I eventually was able to capture his sweet smile.

Merry Christmas from the Espinosa Family

Sometimes it takes a little bit of tickling to get those real smiles :)

This is a hint of shyness. 

Perfectly cute!

This is the "oh my gosh, Santa Claus is coming!" face

What a handsome little fella!  Merry Christmas Ben, Emily, and Luis! 

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